Converting waste problems into Green Energy solutions

 CO2-neutral process with no methane production

 Wet process – Biomass can be used without expensive pre-drying

 Accepts a very wide range of biomass types

 PCS can safely process problem wastes that currently require expensive disposal

 Not in competition with food production, as only agricultural & forestry waste is used

 Highest carbon efficiency value  (PCS = 100% / Biogas = 50%)

 Proven, robust PCS Technology – can be scaled up in continuous batch process

 Self-contained process with little odor or noise emissions

 Low investment costs from proven technology

 Low maintenance costs and moderate pressure and temperature

 Resulting carbon is easily filtered and processed into high value products

 Efficient conversion to biocoal for combustion purposes,

 PCS can also produce biochar for soil improvement


Advantages of PCS Technologies:

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