Converting waste problems into Green Energy solutions

China – Canada collaboration.

In 2012 PCS Biofuels signed a cooperation agreement with Hong Kong Yeli PCS Biofuels Tech Holdings Ltd. for the development of a 100 litre bio-reactor to prove the PCS Solid Biofuel Technology is effective in converting Guangzhou’s cellulosic waste to a high energy density solid biofuel suitable for use in China.  Yeli also signed a non-exclusive license agreement to use the PCS technology in China.

The China project resulted in the production of substantial quantities of PCS Biofuel from a number of waste materials. The project proved that PCS Biofuels process is scalable to 100 litre scale of production and that Chinese waste materials are suitable feedstock for the process.  Significant expertise in the construction and operation of PCS Solid biofuel facilities was gained by Canadian employees of PCS Biofuels during this project.


 A technical report on the results of the research PCS Biofuels conducted in China is available for review by Qualified Investors upon request and after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

100 litre reactor built in China

Adding catalyst to 100 litre reactor

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