Converting waste problems into Green Energy solutions

The PCS biofuel process of Hydro-Thermal Polymerization or HTP is a variation of the Hydro Thermal Carbonization or HTC process. The main difference is that with HTP the resulting biofuel is a solid polymer that can be bound into hard pellets.  By using our patented catalyst and process we are able to reduce the decarboxylation reaction present in the old HTC process.


The control of the reaction provides for several important benefits that HTP has over HTC


1. Minimal CO2 is formed in the HTP process in contrast to the HTC process. This reduces the CAPEX of the plant and reduces the risk of a run-away exothermic decarboxylation during processing.

2. The conditions are milder  both in temperature and in pressure.

3. The catalyst is reuseable thus reducing OPEX costs.

4. HTC produces a char that needs a binder to make the product into pellets. In contrast, HTP is an excellent binder in itself and needs no extra binding agents to make hard pellets for shipping.

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