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PCSbiofuels Technology -  CO2 Neutral, Reduces Methane, and Generates Energy


PCS means Polymeric Carbon Solid. PCS Technologies has developed a patented, industrially scalable process, which can harness this process to produce green energy while being CO2 neutral, and methane negative, can be widely distributed, and is highly profitable.


PCS is a polymeric conversion process for biomass. Almost any Cellulose based waste in an aqueous suspension is changed into a high energy density Polymeric Carbon Solid biofuel at temperatures above 170 C under increased pressure. The resulting CO2 neutral solid biofuel can be burned or be employed in other standard industrial applications.


Research Update:  We are well into our research project on the conversion of Canadian Peat resources into a high energy density solid biofuel. This work is generously funded by: The National Research  Council of Canada through the Industrial Research Assistance program (IRAP) program.


If you want to be part of this revolution please contact Peter Dodge at PeterDodge@pcsbiofuels (dot) com

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